For Plastering

Application of Portland Cement Plaster is a very labor‐intensive process. Mixers and wheelbarrows were utilized for years, workers distributed plaster mix with buckets and rope/pulley set throughout the project and scaffolding. In 1999 our company decided to minimize the weight lifting and product loss by utilizing mortar pump for delivery of the plastering mix to work surface.

As of today, Stucco Bell is using a variety of “piston” and “rotor/stator” mortar pumps on each and every project.

Mortar Pump Tommy Gun

Mortar Pump

Mortar Pump ZP‐3

Tommy Gun

Worker with Float

In 2004 Stucco Bell stepped even further by acquiring electrical float machines from Italy. Mechanical “float” provides much more even finished surface, uniform texture and allows workers to complete up to 4000 SF of Finish per day verses 400‐500 SF manually.

For Access

Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWP) can be found on many construction and remodeling projects of different height and length. Many contractors associate MCWP with high‐rise construction, however Stucco Bell is utilizing this equipment on buildings of less than 50 feet. MCWP allows workers to move freely all over work surface, keeping material and tools within hand reach and working at comfortable height.

With proper coordination and agreement with General Contractors, Stucco Bell provides MCWP to other trades involved in projects for faster, safer performance of their scheduled tasks.

Mast Climbing Work Platform

for Weather Barrier and Plaster app.

Mast Climbing Work Platform

for irregular shape building

Mast Climbing Work Platform

for for EIFS application

Mast Climbing Work Platform

at Emory Rollins School of Public Health

Mast Climbing Work Platform

at Cherokee Hotel

Mast Climbing Work Platform

at Aqua Atlanta

For safety training

Mast Climbers, LLC provides technical and safety training support for all MCWP conditions.

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Vector Structures

Vector Structures provides structural engineering support for all scaffolding and reshoring conditions.

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